Our mission is to empower people and build communities in the kitchen. Joining us for either a general public or private cooking class is a great way to support this mission while enjoying a truly unique and interactive experience.



Private Classes also available!

Private classes can be customized for you and your group. We have a variety of recipes and themes to serve as the core of the interactive and unforgettable experience. Experiences will include: 

  • Cooking session between 90-120 minutes 
  • An amazing meal of 2 or more dishes
  • Appetizers, nonalcoholic beverages, produce and proteins 
  • All kitchen equipment and aprons
  • A recipe booklet to recreate the dishes time and time again
    * Minimum session cost of $675 to accommodate 1-5 people with additional costs for up to 12 participants. 
We all thoroughly enjoyed your teaching and the resulting curry! What a rich and complex flavor you brought us to! Thank you for the energy you bring to the experience. It really is a gift and I feel lucky we’ve had the opportunity to partake in you sharing your knowledge. Sid and I hope to jump on some of your online vegetarian dish classes this winter.
Erin K.

Thoroughly Enjoyed

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