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GO Cook is a high-intensity training program. This program requires a commitment of five weeks, five days per week, and four hours per day!

This program is purposely designed to be equivalent to a part-time job.

After completing this program we showcase your skills with a pop up restaurant and job placement with one of our 60+ restaurant partners. 

100% Scholarships Available


CCAB inspires people to invest in self-development through culinary arts and prepare them with the skills needed in today’s workforce.


 We showcase your skills with a pop up restaurant and job placement with on of our 60+ restaurant partners. 


With no age and education requirements, we look for an individual with an underlying passion for cooking and a clear motivation to grow both personally and professionally.


Core Competencies: Integrity, Self-discipline, Time Management, Communication and Adaptability.

It helps you with your passion not just for finding a job but finding what it is that you want to do in life. If you take this program seriously, they will take you seriously, they’re going to help you..It’s mentorship along the way. Because they’re going to continue to help you as long as you ask for help.

Shamia Hopkins

Go Cook Alumna

I am forever grateful I didn’t miss the opportunity. Chef taught us how to live again. He gave us the skills and pushed us. He walked us through the process step by step. I know I will be OK, because I know I have the entire support behind me, one and nothing more than to see me succeed. Failure is no longer an option unless I make it one. I’m no longer afraid because I now have all the tools to stand.

Erica Baker

Go Cook Alumna

The reason why I signed up for this program was because basically I just want to get better at cooking. So many things that I learned, I started thinking that it would improve my culinary skills and it has. It also taught me so many things, hospitality, life skills are very important. It helps me put together all the things that I learned and apparently apply to my kitchen and food. The program has been a great starting point for my culinary career.

Julio Alfredo Quispe

Go Cook Alumnus

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