Cooking Class – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering what to expect when you attend a class at Culinary Concepts AB, please take a look at our frequently asked questions below. If you still have a question that is not addressed below, please send us an email at and we will follow up with you. Or, you are welcome to call us at 434-218-2637.

What time should I arrive for my class? We recommend arriving approximately 5-10 minutes prior to class. Please remain outside when you arrive in case we have an existing class underway. Once the classroom is ready, the instructors and/or assistants will welcome you into the kitchen.

Should I eat before attending my class, or will I be eating there? You will be eating here! However, it will take us some time to prepare the food. So, you may want to snack a bit prior to joining us but be prepared to eat the food you prepare.

Will I get a copy of the recipes made during class? Yes! Every student gets a printed recipe to take home.

Who teaches the cooking classes? A certified and credentialed Chef will teach each of our public and private cooking classes. Currently, Chef Rolf Strub teaches the majority of our cooking classes supplemented by other local chefs as well as our founder, Chef Antwon Brinson.

What is your cancellation policy for cooking classes? Since we have to purchase ingredients for our classes ahead of time, and since it is hard to rebook open spots at the last minute, we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. This policy requires that you cancel more than 48 hours in advance for a refund. If you cancel prior to that threshold, we will provide a full refund or work with you to reschedule. If you cancel after the 48 hour threshold, unfortunately we cannot offer a refund of any amount as we have already booked the chef, paid for the ingredients, and will not be able to reschedule other students to fill the open slots. You may be able to transfer your class purchase to a friend. If you must cancel or reschedule, please let us know as soon as possible and we will do our best to work with you.

Do you offer group classes? Yes, we can offer private group cooking classes.

Do you offer team building classes? Yes, we have worked with partners to design team building classes. We can leverage existing recipes and programs or we can work with you to design something more customized.

Do you offer custom cooking programs? Yes, we can offer custom cooking programs that consist either of longer format classes (½ day, full day) or multi-class programs.

Do you work with non-profit organizations for summer camps? Yes, we have worked with non-profit organizations as well as with summer camps and schools to design and implement cooking classes.

Do you do private off-site cooking classes? Yes, we can conduct cooking classes in corporate kitchens, university kitchens and/or other private kitchens, as long as the appropriate appliances and equipment are available.

Does Culinary Concepts AB offer catering? No. We are not a catering company, we are a cooking school and workforce training educator.

Do you serve wine during class? No, but we do provide non-alcoholic beverages.

Can I take pictures when attending the class? Yes, Pictures are allowed and encouraged!

What should I wear? We require all shoes to be closed-toe with no or a very low heel. We also ask that long hair be tied back. We encourage you to dress comfortably and you will be provided with an apron to use. As with all cooking, you may not want to wear your best clothes..

I am bringing a friend, can we cook together? We will try our best to group your party, friends, family together although you may be working alongside other participants as well if you are attending a public class.

Do you offer cooking classes for days not shown on the website? Yes, we may be able to offer classes on days that are not shown on the calendar. We also may have recipes and programming for different recipes than are shown on the website. We do have some minimum class size and/or fee thresholds. As a rule of thumb, we would need a class of about 5-6 people or larger (or would need to charge the equivalent of a 5-6 person class), to justify a private class and/or a new class on a day when a public class is not available.

Do I need any previous cooking experience to enjoy the class? No previous experience is required! We encourage questions and we are here to help!

Can I bring my young child or teen to class with me? Our classes are intended for mature students and adults. Generally, the youngest participants in our public classes should be 12 or older.

What is the difference between a class, a workshop and/or training program? Culinary Concepts AB offers multiple forms of education. We segment our offering into 2 areas: 1) Cooking classes; and 2) Workforce Training Programs. Cooking classes are stand alone private or public classes which teach specific culinary skills and/or recipes. You can sign up for these cooking classes on our website “cooking classes” page. Workforce Training Programs are designed to teach occupational and life skills in partnership with employer partners. Workforce training can consist of 1 session, multiple sessions or even occur over several weeks. Our Go Cook program is an example of a workforce training program but we also partner with organizations to design custom training programs.