Mission Statement

We strive to enhance individual growth and community through the culinary arts. Together we celebrate diversity, culture, and cuisine.

Vision Statement


Culinary arts builds the foundation for community


After spending over 15 years traveling nationally and internationally, owner and founder Chef Brinson created culinary concepts as a beckon of hope for passionate culinarians worldwide. We connect people to industry certifications, professional networks, and, most importantly, a cureer pathway through our training programs and workshops. Our goal is to help both the employer and a job seeker find common ground through solid partnerships.
Culinary Concepts AB launched in 2018 with the intention to create a socially-minded company that focuses on developing individuals’ passions and abilities by teaching life skills through culinary arts. Since conception, we have had the honor of helping over 100+ students achieve milestones in life and establish long-term goals through culinary arts.


Program Benefits

ServSafe Certification

Certifed Cook

Technical Skills Training

Soft Skill Development

Career Pathway

Network of Culinary Professionals





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