Training Program

We are super excited to kick off 2022 with our first cohort of the year!! This program is designed to not only provide the training but empower individuals to think differently; form new habits and change their trajectory.  Individuals will graduate the program with two industry certifications and an opportunity to begin the career of their dreams with endless advancements and successes. We work closely with the restaurants and organizations in the Charlottesville area to ensure the right individual is placed with the right business. As we are building individuals, we are also passionate about closing the gap of employment that is especially wide after the last 18 months.

Our first-class of 2022 starts on January 24th, so if you know of anyone who might be interested, encourage them to apply on our website! 


The Beacon Project

Over the last four years, I’ve had the distinct pleasure to work collaboratively with the Owner and Founder of New Hill Development, my dear friend and colleague Yolunda Harrell. Her vision and commitment to pathways and building capacity within our community are both inspiring and magnetic.

New Hill Development is a non-profit organization designed to help educate and connect opportunities to the African American community. We are proud to work beside New Hill in a collaborative partnership, helping food service-focused entrepreneurs gain the foundational skills needed to grow their businesses.

To learn more and help support this extraordinary cause, check out the link.


4F Workshop Series

Our 4Fs Workshop Series will provide supportive educational services that focus on the 4Fs  (Farm, Food, Family, and Finance.)  We strive to build cohesive relationships through food in an environment that promotes social and emotional growth while improving nutrition literacy.

This workshop series will provide both parents and children with foundational life skills.  Each session will be taught through the lens of a Professional Chef, focusing on seasonal produce and farm-to-table cuisine.  Each family will produce a well-rounded dish, in which there will be an open discussion about culture and cuisine.

Learn more here!