Deaton Group CEO and Founder David Deaton have more than two decades of experience transforming organizations through strategic planning, market research, and effective execution. Throughout his career, David has partnered with startups, growing companies, and nonprofits across the United States and around the world, leading their strategic direction, organizational design and operations, and creating pathways to growth and long-term success.

Prior to starting Deaton Group Consulting, David held director-level positions for a global nonprofit organization. In these roles, he led strategic planning and departmental alignment, market research and analysis, group facilitation, and project and product launches globally and for the organization’s Asia Pacific Region. David began his career in logistics, conducting demand and market analysis, and has gained professional experience with Fortune 100 companies, nonprofits, and small businesses alike.

It’s organizations like this give small businesses like Culinary Concepts AB the autonomy to thrive on all levels. We are truly grateful for our partnership with the Deaton Group and highly recommend their services on all levels.

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