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"This is the most amazing cooking class ever!!! It's educational, entertaining and I get to support businesses in my local community, love it."
- Susan Z

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This Weeks Menu 


Summer Salad

Watercress | Gingergold Apple | Comté cheese


Blackberry Chicken 

Curry Sweet potato | Wilted Kale

Cooking + Wine Classes Every Friday @ 4:30pm

Single Classes Every Thursday @ 5:30pm

Private Classes Held On Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays

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"Three words, "BEST CLASS EVER!!!" Chef Antwon takes virtual cooking to the next level. This class is a must-do for all foodies."


- Jennifer P.
"So much fun! Even a cooking novice like me could follow along, and my dish tasted fantastic!"


- Scott H.

Antwon’s energy is FANTASTIC! Each class I attended was full of great information and I learned so much. I have found myself already applying the skills and simple tips that I picked up from him. I already loved to cook but now I can say I am actually getting pretty good at it! To top it all, I can enjoy the group and the lesson all from the comfort of my home with a glass or two of guilt free wine. I highly recommend Antwon’s cooking classes. You will not regret it!”
- Shelly H.

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