One of the things that happen during Week One is our students realize their current approach to cooking was limiting, but based on personal experience. This evolution is significant because it helps them understand, there is alot they don’t know, opening them up to a world of possibilities through culinary arts.

This leads us into Week two, where we dove into the topic of Adaptability! This conversation aims to help our students understand the agility needed to navigate the transitions in both their personal and professional lives. The journey of achieving our goals requires us to be ready and willing to evolve constantly. On our journey this week, we discussed subjects such as the power of self-discipline, investing in building your network, and understanding financial literacy.

We don’t tackle these topics alone. We are grateful for our friends and career professionals who volunteer their time to come in and share their life experiences and personal journeys to success.




Our Guest Speaker

This week, we had our good friend Quinton Harrell, Owner and Founder of United Heritage Builders come in to talk to this cohort.

What Quinton shared with this group was raw, authentic, and added so much value to everyone in the room. He opened up about his journey to achieving personal wealth.

To learn more about Quinton Harrell and hear this conversation, check out our article here.