We always talk about international cuisine in my classes and that of course is who we are. But what do you think I cook when I’m not at Culinary Concepts? Do you think my family lives on Chateaubriand, foie gras, and duck confit? Well, as much as we do enjoy these things from time to time we have 3 growing boys in our house so our favorite event is pizza night. That’s right every Friday around my house is filled with homemade dough, pizza sauce, and the family hanging around the kitchen fighting over cheeses, meats and Lord forbid vegetables that go onto the pie. Sure we make most of it from scratch and my 8 year-old can sling pie dough like he lives in Naples, but kicking it around the Brinson house is a lot more family and much less cheffy than you would ever imagine. Plus one of the true pleasures in life is Champagne and pizza and my wife LOVES some bubbles!