Looking for passionate Culinary Instructors 

About Culinary Concepts AB: CCAB is a social enterprise that offers life-changing workforce training programs to people facing barriers to employment. This work is supported by our private and corporate cooking classes. We also work with clients to design custom programs for people of all ages and backgrounds. By creating a more inclusive training model and by teaching life skills in addition to occupational skills, Culinary Concepts AB opens opportunities for members of our community who are ready to create a rewarding career in the culinary arts. CCAB has been nationally recognized for our innovative business and workforce training models, and is expanding its operations. 


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About the job: We’re currently looking for passionate and knowledgeable Private and Public Cooking Class Instructors to join our team. At CCAB, we offer a variety of cooking classes, ranging from independent recipe classes to immersive farm-to-table cooking experiences. Our class sizes cater to intimate gatherings of 2-12 students, giving both instructors and guests the perfect space to connect, learn, and share. You’ll enjoy a flexible schedule and above-average compensation as a contracted instructor. It’s a fantastic opportunity for those who love cooking and teaching.


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Core Responsibilities:

  • Instruction and demonstration: 
    • Ability to both cook and teach simultaneously. 
    • Ability to demonstrate proper cooking methods and provide step-by-step instructions to help students develop their skills.
    • Deliver instructional sessions and immersive cooking experiences for CCAB’s independent recipe classes and farm-to-table cooking experiences. 
    • Create and deliver lessons on various cooking techniques, food preparation, knife skills, and culinary theories using CCAB’s systems. 
    • Within 90 days of employment, all contractors must receive ServSafe training credentials or equivalent food handling certification. 

    Mentoring and guidance: 

    • Culinary instructors act as mentors, providing guidance and support to all students and guests, meeting them where they are on their culinary journey

    Classroom management: 

    • Instructors maintain a positive classroom environment, promoting collaboration, teamwork, and respect. 
    • Manage class logistics, including ingredient orders, inventory management, and correspondence with guests for a scheduled class.
    • Ensure all cooking classes are in compliance with health and safety rules and regulations. 
    • In the kitchen, your duties include maintaining kitchen standards, ensuring cleanliness and organization after each class, and resetting the kitchen.
    • Helping to create a workplace and classroom culture that centers the CCAB values of Unity, Communication, Adaptability, Accountability, Innovation, and Integrity.


Desired Qualifications: 

  • At CCAB, we value instructors who can engage with their students, create a supportive learning environment, and provide effective guidance while maintaining a compassionate approach.
    • 5+ years of culinary experience, including teaching and training experience
    • ServSafe certification (or food safety certification equivalent too) 
    • Relationship-oriented commitment to help “grow the business”
    • Demonstrated time management and detail‐oriented skills.  
    • Able to learn from students’ active participation, exhibit fairness and consistency in all situations, and show compassion without sacrificing effectiveness
    • Calm, level, and professional demeanor in all circumstances
    • Ability to use personal background and life experience to connect with students 
    • Enthusiasm for our mission

How to apply: 

To apply for this role, please email a resume, cover letter, and two references to info@culinaryconceptsab.com. Please put “Culinary instructor application” in the subject line.

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